Beverage Connoisseur

At a very early age, Jason demonstrates his future interest in fine beverages.

Rabbit Time

"Pat the Bunny!" Checking the hutch on the French farm. Found out later that this could be dinner.

Phone Book

Budding Teen updates his little black book. Is that a hat on the bed?

Taking the dinghy for a spin

Freedom on the dinghy. That smile says he swallowed the canary.

The couple

Jason & Mary.


Jason honored by his employer to be on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on the day of the IPO!.

Home ownership, at last

Home ownership at last!.


Nine years apart, Jason hauls Mitchel around on Wyoming vacation.

Not Sure

Dad's humor is so lame, sometimes.


Great Yearbook picture.

With Yoshi

Exercising Yoshi – a Japanese breed canine that makes Jason's household a threesome.

For years and years, Jason was immersed in the San Francisco scene: the delights of the restaurants, the best bars and wine cellars, the happening venues for fun and entertainment. He had recognized at an early age his strong preference for the urban lively throng, and at age 14, arranged for a move from his mom’s house in rural Mendocino County to our San Francisco town home.

That early aspiration was fulfilled by his success in gaining acceptance to Lowell High through a competitive entrance ordeal. There his gregariousness earned a bunch of new friends, many of which were the children of long-established San Francisco families. He also fed his competitive urge by becoming a starter on the varsity football team.

After some juvenile mischief culminating in run-ins with the authorities, he graduated, acceptance to the University of Oregon in hand. Once on campus, his powerful social skills got him invited to join SigEp, where his fraternity brothers promptly named him Social Chairman – an unheard of responsibility, in my experience, for a Freshman!

But Jason had difficulty finding his groove, giving up on academics and trying out for a while the military scene, via a passage through the National Guard. His mother rescued him from his disoriented state by teaching him bartending , which he then parlayed into a series of first-rank gigs. The leadership of “in” watering holes rotates swiftly, but Jason managed to be the star bartender at Harry Denton’s, The Starlight Roof, and the Thirsty Bear when each, in turn, hit its peak. I believe that his talent as a production man behind the bar, his red-hot work ethic, and his easy socializing manner combined into the explosive mixture that made for his success. A people person indeed.

With an eye to the longer-term future, Jason found employment in sales in the business software industry, where he has compiled a record of ever-rising successes. Specializing in database management programs, he loves the recognition he earns by dint of hard work and good results in a brutish competitive environment. One of his assignments took him to New York City for a couple of years, an experience he relished, enjoying the megalopolis in all of its splendor.

Then Mary and Jason got together. Also a competitive achiever with a wide collection of career experiences to her name, Mary has his back as he charges forward in a rewarding new groove with a startlingly successful software startup company named Tableau. This has caused them to move to the conurbation of Denver, certainly a less "citified" environment, but with the compensation of more accessible outdoor fun.

Mary The bride to be.

The Ring Slipping on the ring at San Francisco's City Hall.