On the beach: Honeymoon in Kiahuna.


Big Guadaloupe sponge - Club Med in 1982.


Hiking the rugged Andes in Patagonia.

Aboard Otter

Enjoying her favorite: a King Salmon she caught that day offshore Sitka, Alaska.


We just signed the marriage certificate - Gotcha!.


Canoeing the Black Canyon of the Colorado.

Cruising PNW

At the wheel of the big inflatable, tender to the LIONESSE - this is " her " boat.


Always Enthusiastic and ready to go.


Doesn't mind the rules, and is totally fearless.

You show up at the annual Holiday cocktail party of your professional association with the idea of seeing and being seen, to catch up with faces that had somewhat dimmed in your memory, to find out who has changed jobs and, perhaps, to glean some good insider gossip that you might have missed. You don ’ t attend these forgettable events to find The Woman of Your Life.

In hindsight, I was impaled by a bolt out of the blue at the stuffy Christmas party of the San Francisco Society of Security Analysts in early December, 1976 in a reception room of what was still in that year the Commercial Club. Introduced almost in passing by her former boss at Bank of America, I was quick enough to remember her name. She was this self-assured, crisp, expressive and cheerful party-goer....

We "got together" soon thereafter, and have been living a boisterous adventure ever since.

Early on, of course, was the idea of creating a little family, and she rose to the challenge of motherhood with gusto and verve.


Mitchel made it a quite obstreperous threesome.

And adventurous she is, having earned her underwater diving certification way back in the sixties, when sports SCUBA was still in its infancy, and being an avid outdoors woman throughout her life. Having taken the speed ice skating championship of Greater Cleveland in her teens, she demonstrates that she wants to play and compete in the guys' world. She is bold, and built a successful investment management business after leaving the bank.

It took us a few years to discover that we shared a secret dream, that of getting on a boat and cruising distant places. Once we did, it didn't take us long to acquire a serious first boat, and we have covered many nautical miles together over a 25-year period. Kathryn is "the rarest of all jewels, a congenial, sea-going wife".

Our compatibility resides strongly in our parallel appetites for seeing what lies over the horizon, for discovering new places and accumulating new experiences. We've traveled often and far to slake out thirst for new sensations and vistas.

Our explorations have been in the form of camping trips in the West, to places such as The Tetons and the Canyon de Chelly, road trips such as loops aroung Great Britain, Italy, the Yucatan, and VietNam; cruise ship adventures to Alaska, Antigua, New Zealand, and Martinique; and expedition travel to remote wildernesses such as the Amazon, Antarctica, the North Pole and Easter Island.

Thanks to Kathryn's gregariousness, she has collected a wide circle of friends for us along the way, bolstered by her love of entertaining and for organizing social events. Evidence of this is offered elesewhere on the website describing her memorable 60th birthday party.

May long the party last....